• i belive that gon will get his nen back, but instead of being an enhancer hes going to become an emission type. my only piece of evidence for this theory is that when he kills pitou he uses paper instead of just another rock. i know it isnt much to go on and its probably stupid but thats what i think and was wondering if you guys think/know if he will get his nen abilities back, and will he still have the same insanely high talent that he had, or will he be weaker because of the sacrifice he made.

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    • I think he will be get stronger but start out weak. Also specialist type

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    • Depends on Alluka.

      If the wish was to restore Gon then nothing has changed, he's the same Gon as always.

      If he can't use Nen due to the restriction then it probably means that they will need a Nen remover

      and then everything will be back to normal for Gon. There's no reason for him to become a Specialist

      or anything else, if anything, Enhancers are the least likely to ever become Specialists.

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    • There is a question about Gon's power, while the process of healing gon, it emmites a very high power, is that the power needed of Alluka for Gon's healing? Or is it Gon restriction power that are being lifted?

      Another thing, the first time Gon transformed, Pitou said "he became so powerful to te point where he can beat her", also said "his power is now equal to that of a king", we know that Meruem has 2 power stages, the first stage has ended when that old man nuked himself and Meruem was 3/4 dead, then he got healed by his royal guards and obtained more power, so pitou dosen't know of this yet.

      What i was thinking of Pitou saying, if Gon were to face Meruem will he reach to the point where he can crush him as well?

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    • if that were true then gon is a bottomless monster that require the death of each of his friends if he were going outside the world where the ants came from.

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    • Maybe he gave up progress. His experience.

      He has to start from level one again.

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    • did you know that during the chimera arc gon and meruem has alot of parallel to the very end of the arc like how gon and meruem "Died" and Revived with the help of friends/companion and with meruem revival his power became much much more powerful while gon lost his nen, so gon probably wont get his powers back 

      justkidding gon is one of the mc, so that probably wont happen 

      so my theory is gon just went returned back to being a normal person (since if you look closely meruem got powerups while gon got powerdown) and needs to re-learn everything from scratch but my bet is that gon will no longer have a restriction 

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    • Dont forget that it is possible gon will be stronger than it was, Hmm i think because the death trigger cause his nen to grow even stronger

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