• Hello, I just noticed an error on Hisoka's page where it name's Texture Surprise as a conjuration ability. First here's the description "Hisoka can apply his aura to any thin surface (such as paper or cloth) and manifests his thoughts onto it to change its appearance."

    This means Texture Surprise is transmutation, he changes the "texture" of the item from one thing (ex. cloth) into another (ex. felsh, ink, paper etc.) It's not conjuration because he doesn't summon abything, he uses a regular piece of cloth like he did for his spider tattoo, and hankerchief to cover his arm, or changes his nen itself into another texture like he did to rebuild his face or change the contents of his letter.

    Also he copies this technique from his master John Doe who was also a transmuter and uses a scarf to change his face

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    • "Manifests his thoughts"

      "Manifests his thoughts"

      "MANIFESTS  his thoughts"

      The main difference between Conjuration and Transmutation is that non-Nen Users are unable to see transmuted Nen. If Texture Surprise were transmutation, it would be impossible for the audience of Heaven's Arena to be tricked in the same way that Kastro was. Hence Conjuration, as he is conjuring a 2D image onto a physical surface.

      Another thing of note is that Morel shows a similar ability when using Deep Purple, changing the appearance of his smoke puppets, so if it were truly transmutation, it would be incredibly difficult for Morel to do so with only a 40% proficiency in the category.

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    • Check my talk page and the talk pages of those that posted there. This debate has already happened in the past and Texture Surprise was already listed as Transmutation before it was changed.

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    • I'll try to sumarize my post that was lost.

      "Manifest thoughts" you're completely ignoring the first part of the description "Hisoka can apply his aura to any thin surface" if it was not summoned but changed then it's not conjuration, it's transmutation.

      Also you're assuming the word manifest automatically means it's conjuration? Doesn't Killua's Aura manifest as lighting? See what I did there?

      Hisoka is a transmuter, the original creator of Texture surprise (John Doe) was also a transmuter.

      It's also a common misconception that ALL transmutation is invisible. What if you transmute the color of an object or texture? would the object become invisible? Did the water in water divination become invisible? No it just changes properties.

      We don't know enough about Morel's ability to say 40% of proficiency will have X effect on the smoke puppets. Morel is mainly a manipulator so he's a bad example anyway.

      Why don't we talk about Biscuit instead? She's a transmuter, she changed her body to appear young, she doesn't walk around being invisible. Even tough transmuted Nen is invisible it doesn't mean every transmutation is.

      Texture surprise is a special ability that changes the TEXTURE of a thing. Do you think it would make sense for TEXTURE to be invisible? If so then Hisoka would look like a freak to everybody after his fight with Chrollo, but he looks normal because the WHOLE POINT of texture surprise is to fool people.

      John Doe also changed his face with a hankerchief and his victims and the general population could see him. If it was conjuration he wouldn't need a real object like a hankerchief he could just summon it.

      So that's why Texture surprise is Transmutation, you don't see Shizuku using a real vacuum cleaner to make Deme-chan, just like texture surprise wouldn't need a real hankerchief or another object to work if it was conjuration.

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    • Pigzillion wrote: The main difference between Conjuration and Transmutation is that non-Nen Users are unable to see transmuted Nen.

      Also this is not the main difference between Conjuration and Transmutation. The main difference is that Conjuration summons an object or thing, like summoning rubber, water or lighting. Transmutation copies the qualities and properties of a thing, like bungie gum copies the qualities of rubber and gum and Killua's aura copies the qualities of electricity.

      You could conjure water or transmute your aura into having the qualities of water. The transmutation would be invisible because it's aura but if you transmuted oil into water the water wouldn't be invisible. The conjured water would just be like regular water maybe with an added Hatsu ability.

      This is why people have problems distinguishing between the two categories. Not because one is visible and the other invisible. You could even make Conjuration invisible with In.

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    • Good points. Still disagree though.

      Conjured entities still require aura to be brought into existence. Just because Hisoka is surrounding an object with his aura doesn't mean it remains as Aura; he may simply be surrounding it in aura before transforming his aura into a physical object. Moreover, he is using conjuration to change the appearance of a non-conjured entity, meaning the only way he could do so in the first place would be to surround said object in his aura first and then materialise it onto the medium.

      I agree; I was initially confused as to the meaning of the word.

      That point is irrelevant; both Hisoka and his former master would still have an 80% proficiency over conjuration, so it is not at all far-fetched that the hatsu involves conjuration.

      What are you on about? No Transmuter has ever changed the colour of water divination, with the only two cases seen changing its taste, not its colour or texture, which makes sense since aura is invisible. There is also no discernable reason as to why emitted Nen would change the colour of water in Water Divination, and since it is found in Emission Water Divination is the only example where changes to colour are found, there is no reason to suggest that the phenomenon involved Transmutation or Conjuration.

      Morel is not a bad example in the slightest, he's a perfect example. A Manipulator with only a 40% proficiency in Transmutation was able to mimic Hisoka's Hatsu to an even greater degree than the latter, changing the appearance of dozens of smoke puppets at once. While there is still no conclusive evidence that this was done with Transmuted Aura rather than Conjured entities, since only Nen users saw Morels Smoke Puppets, it would still make more sense for a Manipulator to employ a Conjuration technique, which he has a 60% proficiency in, rather than Transmutation, the polar opposite of his Nen Type.

      What? If Bisky has changed her appearance using transmuted Nen, that doesn't mean that her body would become invisible, it means that her Aura is invisible, as is the case for every Nen user. And if you're suggesting that she does this using her Hatsu (which is fairly plausible), that doesn't mean that she is using her aura to deceive others into looking younger than she actually is. It is entirely plausible to assume that her Aura is having actual physical effects on her body, resulting in her skin/body being healthier and her actually looking younger, not applying a technique similar to Hisoka in order to trick people. The two techniques are entirely different.

      No, but texture doesn't mean colour, and in the case of Hisoka changing his fortune, for instance, he didn't change the texture in the slightest but changes the writing instead; such a thing should have no effect whatsoever on the texture of the page. Plus, if Hisoka simply changed the texture of his Bungee Gum after his battle with Chrollo, he would still look like a faceless one-legged freak to anyone he walked past in the street, since changing the texture of Aura, in particular, would still make it invisible to non-Nen users.

      I have no counter to that; it's a good point, but still not decisive.

      Completely and utterly irrelevant. Shizuku isn't just trying to change the appearance of something so that it appears like Demi-Chan, she is creating a Vacuum that can suck up things infinitely. Hisoka simply wants to change the appearance of a real object in order to deceive people, which doesn't require a new object to be formed. He didn't want to conjure a new fortune and get rid of the old one, he wanted to change the appearance of the original. This also means that he wouldn't need to spend long periods of time obsessing over a physical object, as the technique only focuses on appearance.

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    • It's conjuration why.......plot no logic in plot

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    • ...Could you elaborate further?

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    • the ability is transmutation because he is taking his aura and changing it into the bungee gum substance. it isnt conjuration in the slightest

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    • The argument is about Texture Surprise, not Bungee Gum.

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    • To say that conjuring up aura and using it on someone/something makes someone a conjurer is like saying literally every nen practitioner ever is a conjurer because the most basic application, Ren, is to "conjure up one's aura."  That isn't actually conjuration; in this context it just means they're using their energy.  It's like saying you conjured up the willpower to go to the DMV.  Not every time the word 'conjure' or 'manifest' is used does it literally translate to popping an object out of thin air.  English has multiple uses for the same words so stop tripping up over the wording.

      Conjuration is when you summon an actual object out of nowhere, creating something entirely new that did not exist before, hence the name "Conjuration."  Transmutation is when you transform an already existing thing into something different by altering its physical elements, hence the name "Transmutation."

      Hisoka's Texture Surprise does not, for example, create a second piece of paper with different words on it than the first.  Nor does it create a new layer to attach onto the first.  It changes the piece of paper to have new words on it.  Yes it's technically true that he is "manifesting" his aura to do that, but EVERY nen practitioner "manifests" their aura to do ANYTHING.  Uvogin manifests his aura into his fist to throw a punch, and I dare anyone to say he's "conjuring" an impact.  Again, this is just people failing to english good.  Always remember to english good.

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    • Conjuration in this context means to conjure one's Aura into a physical object, which I thought would have been obvious since it is what is meant by the term for the entirety of the series. I am not tripping over the wording, and the fact that you are applying a completely different meaning to a word which has had a clear definition in the world of Hunter x Hunter since its initial introduction is frankly moronic.

      Transmutation means changing the properties of one's Aura, not a physical object; this, also, is made clear in the series, as it is stated that Transmuters change the properties of their Aura to mimic a certain substance while Conjurers are able to transform their Aura into the actual substance itself.

      Hisoka's Texture Surprise does not create a second piece of paper, but he creates a 2d image on top of the paper in order to change what it says. Transmutation does not, in the slightest, involve the alteration of actual physical objects, hence it could not be incorporated into Hisoka's Hatsu to the degree which you are suggesting, especially due to the fact that non-Nen users were capable of seeing Hisoka's Hatsu.

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