"Since the last exam, all I've thought about is killing you. Remember giving me these scars...?"

— Togari to Hisoka in "The Trap of Majority Rules"
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Japanese Voice

Takeshi Maeda (1999)
Takuma Suzuki (2011)

English Voice

Ethan Cole (1999)
Joshua Tomar (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 14

Anime Debut

Episode 15 (1999)
Episode 8 (2011)


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Eye Color

Black (1999)
Green (2011)

Hair Color

Black (1999)
Blue (2011)



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Togari (トガリ, Togari) was a former Hunter examiner,[1] who returns during the 287th Hunter Exam.[2]



Togari's design

Togari is a muscular man, with blue hair that dresses with tribal-like clothes. He has two big scars on his face made by Hisoka during the previous Hunter Exam.


Togari is very self-confident and has a great sense of pride.


Togari was an examiner for the 286th Hunter Exam. Due to him being judged unworthy by Hisoka, he was attacked by the latter, which resulted in his disqualification.[1]


Hunter Exam arcEdit


Togari appears with Lippo and the Trick Tower's 3rd examiner, within the Trick Tower.[2] As the Examinees enter the Trick Tower, Togari along with Lippo and the 3rd examiner sit in a circle with junk food scattered about as Lippo summons a crowd of prisoners dressed in cloaks with shackles restraining their arms.[3] Sometime during the third phase of exam Togari confronts Hisoka in a hidden room. Togari and Hisoka face off with each other as Togari shows off his new mastery skills with four hook bill knives and his new attack called the Infinite Quad Wielding. While the attack seemed effective against Hisoka; Hisoka manages to catch the two of the hook bill knives that were used in the attack and uses them to decapitate Togari.[1]


Knives: Togari uses four curved knives to fight. They may be based off the karambit or the janbiya.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Togari has access to all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. As a former Examiner, his abilities were recognized by the Hunters Association. However, Hisoka found his combat skills so inadequate that he chose to try to kill him even if it meant failing the exam. Not even after training for one year did Togari manage to be a match for the magician, and was killed easily.


Togari with two of his knives

Weapon Specialist: Togari is skilled at throwing knives.

  • Infinite Quad Wielding (無限四刀流 (むげんよんとうりゅう), Mugen Yontōryū): After being humiliated by Hisoka, Togari refines his ability in handling knives for months, being able to wield and throw four of them while spinning in high speed. Despite this, Hisoka learned how to stop his knives and turned them against him.


As a former Hunter Examiner, Togari knows how to use Nen.


  • Togari is the name given to him in the 2011 anime adaptation. In the manga and the 1999 series, his name had never been mentioned.
  • During the 1999 series, Togari exclaims, "This year, my goal isn't to pass. I came here to defeat you!" It implies that he is not an examiner, but a fellow candidate.[4] In the manga and 2011 series, however, he is confirmed to be a former examiner.

Translations Around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Russian Тогари


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