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Togashi (トガシ, Togashi) the author of Hunter × Hunter, makes a couple of cameo appearances in the 1999 anime adaptation.[1]




Heaven's Arena arcEdit

During the match between Gon and Hisoka, he sits next to the lady commentator, Cocco, of Heaven's Arena and explains to her the origin of Hisoka's Bungee Gum Nen ability. Annoyed by his know-it-all manner, Cocco beats him up.[1]

Yorknew City arcEdit

Togashi note

Togashi advises the viewers

Togashi makes another appearance after Gon and Killua get scammed at an auction site, giving the audience advice to not judge an item by just looking at its picture, especially if it's something expensive.[2]


  • His role as commentator was taken by Baka Ki El Dogra in the 2011 series, who explains how the referees distribute points rather than the origin of Hisoka's bungee gum.[3]


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