"When I become king, I'll split people into two groups: Useful trash and useless trash."

— Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou in "Threats (Volume)" Extras

Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou (ツェリードニヒ=ホイコーロ, Tserīdonihi Hoikōro) is the Fourth Prince of the Kakin Empire, and the son of his father's first wife, Unma.[3] He is also a benefactor of the Heil-Ly Family, one of the three great Mafia families in Kakin's underworld.[4]


Tserriednich has long, fair hair, and a thin moustache. He has a rather muscular body. As prince, he wears long robes and a crown. During formal banquets, he usually wears black tuxedo.


Chap 348 - Tserriednich excited to kill

Tserriednich expresses his desire to kill his siblings

Tserriednich is a placid, polished, and erudite Renaissance man with interests ranging from football to philosophy. He has a very keen intellect, which he is proud of. Despite showing a serene smile and courteous mannerisms, Tserriednich is in reality sociopathic and inhuman, indulging in gruesome human slaughter and the collection of human body parts. He thinks of himself as an artist that seeks pieces of inspiring art that young and beautiful people bring about when confronted with extreme situations. Furthermore, he is elated at the perspective of being allowed to kill his siblings, whom he sees as scumbags.[5] One of his bodyguards, Theta, even describes him as pure, unbridled evil, and feels that of all people he must not be allowed to master Nen as he will use it for evil.[1] When he takes a Water Divination test, the water becomes filthy, bubbly and releases a putrid stench, much to Theta's horror and remarks that her superior is "out of the norm".[2]

He is also a very good actor since he is able to gain Halkenburg's trust by pretending to "accept" him, given his loathing to "all" of his siblings. Halkenburg even posted in his Facebox that Tserriednich is the only sibling that accepts him. At the social party in the Black Whale, he is listening to Halkenburg.[6] He seems to hold his father in high regard as he told Mark that he should have asked the two girls he has recently killed who the current king of Kakin is.[5]


At some point in his life, Prince Tserriednich obtained several Scarlet Eyes pairs that Kurapika failed to track.[7]


Dark Continent Expedition arc

343 - Prince of Kakin

Tserriednich appears as Prince of Kakin

While Kurapika obtains information about him, Tserriednich sends his subordinate Mark to lure two women in his room. He tries to engage the women in an intellectual conversation, and then mercilessly slaughters them. He later contacts Mark and complains about the pair's lack of intellect, as he showers their blood from his body, saying that they only thought about shopping and sex, while he is looking for beautiful people with future, and not simple-minded "animals". Though still disappointed, he orders his subordinate to bring in the next two girls.[5]

His brother Benjamin informs him about the Succession War, which would decide the next king of Kakin after the expedition to the Dark Continent. The news delights Tserriednich, since he desires to kill his siblings. Despite Benjamin's threat of killing him, Tserriednich replies, sarcastically, that he is so terrorized he does not want to be called anymore, before hanging up. After the call, he focuses his attention to a tattooer and a woman. He takes a picture of the tattoo, as one of his bodyguards call him. Theta reports that all five of his bodyguards have cleared the test imposed by the Hunter Association; while Benjamin and Tyson, however, have refused to let their bodyguards be tested, out of arrogance and jealousy respectively, and all of Luzurus' have failed. Tserriednich orders her to gather as much info as possible about the Black Whale and hangs up. He says to himself that no fool will sit on the throne, which will be his.[8]

Succession Contest arc

Chap 349 - Tserriednich's collection

Prince Tserriednich with his collection

Nasubi's personal butler informs him of the rules of the Succession War: only the legal children of the King can participate, and only the ones who will attend the sailing ceremony of Black Whale. The identities and number of the participants will remain confidential until that date. If any of the potential heirs is killed before the first blow of a special whistle, which will be blown when the vessel says, the war will be stopped. From that moment on, all measures to survive will be legit. The messenger presents an urn used in a traditional Kakin ritual. Tserriednich puts a drop of his blood, and then his hand inside. A fairy comes out of the Urn, feeding him a small egg before disappearing. Due to him not being a Nen user, Tserriednich fails to notice what has just happened and asks about the ritual to the messenger. The messenger informs him that, according to the rumors, if someone who craves to be king puts his blood inside the Seed Urn, they will be blessed with a special power.[3]

Sometime later, Tserriednich participates to the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition and boards the ship, silently insulting the onlookers while smiling and waving his hand. He takes part in a formal event, where he talks to Halkenburg. Like the rest of his family, he will reside in the 1st deck of the Black Whale.[6] The following day, he participates to yet another party, where he observes Benjamin.[9] He is then approached by Tubeppa, with whom he accepts to form an alliance against the older princes, albeit while thinking to himself he might be dead by the following day. After hearing Kurapika's announcement, he starts to inquire about the nature of Nen beasts, but the only one who can answer him is Theta. He then asks her if she can use Nen herself, which she confirms.[1]

Chap 368 - Tserriednich accuses Theta

Tserriednich accuses Theta of lying

One of his bodyguards approaches and suggests that being the First Queen's child, Tserriednich does not have to oblige Prince Benjamin's request to accept a bodyguard. Tserriednich brushes them off, saying that he is in the middle of his Nen meditation.[10] Tserriednich does further Nen training with Theta, which leaves her speechless at the progress he's making and realizes he's a genius.[11] Tserriednich agrees to send his bodyguards to learn Nen under Kurapika. Amidst his training, Tserriednich muses to Theta that one of Prince Woble's bodyguards said that learning Nen only takes two weeks, while Theta told him it would take half a year. He questions whether Theta is telling the truth or not, which she answers that she remains honest to him. While he threatens her for lying, his Guardian Spirit Beast closely observes Theta[12] and scratches her cheek.[2] A member of the Buor Family reveals that Prince Tserriednich has ties to the Heil-Ly Family, one of the 3 biggest Mafia families from Kakin that are on board the ship.[4]

Later, Tserriednich sends Myuhan and Danjin to attend Kurapika's lessons, telling them they can kill everyone in the room should they fail to learn Nen in two weeks.[13] During the second lessons, Myuhan is killed by Silent Majority, but while reporting back to the prince, Danjin declares he intends to continue. Tserriednich agrees, with the stipulation that after the two-week period Danjin will have to prove he is not under the effect of an enemy ability. Despite Theta's protests, he insists on taking the Water Divination test. The leaf withers away and the water begins to boil, releasing a putrid smell. Tserriednich is thus revealed to be a Specialist.[2]

Chap 384 - Tserriednich's beasts

The Prince's two Nen beasts

He keeps training, constantly exceeding Theta's expectations. On Saturday night, he has an unknown individual dismembered in his room while he talks to the phone, confirming that, as far as he knows, Morena Prudo is not in Tier 1. He declares that he will look into it personally as soon as he gets the chance and has his men tell his private militia in the lower tiers to look for her. He then resumes his training with Theta, when suddenly he feels an odd sensation, which, unbeknownst to him, is due to him manifesting a Nen beast. He rejoices that Theta intends to move on to more advanced techniques, and, when she confesses that she had initially considered slowing down his training due to his incredible learning rate, he concedes that that is what happens when one deals with a genius, adding however that he does value Theta. She instructs him to start practicing his Zetsu, which he does, beginning from his hands.[14]

The following day, Theta tells him to maintain a state of Zetsu for one hour while she attempts to distract him. She succeeds in breaking his focus twice, after which he proclaims that even if Theta were to agonize in front of him, he will remain impassible. At one point, she flicks aura at him and even opens fire, but he does not waver.[15] He is briefly transfixed by the music of Melody's flute performance,[16] after which he confidently asks Theta about his Zetsu, seemingly unaware of her attempt to kill him. When Theta drops to her knees, he tells her to rest. His staff tells him about what happened during Melody's performance, so he has them invite her to his room. He glances at the unconscious Theta as she is carried out.[15]

Tserriednich's Employees

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This particular issue arose when their mother Queen Sevanti sent all of Momoze's Hunters and servants to Marayam. Since we only got to see 4/5 of Momoze's Hunters and 2/3 of her servants by that time, we can't say for certain which prince the marked characters initially belonged to.

Abilities & Powers

As one of the eldest princes of Kakin, Tserriednich has significant political influences, assets and vast funds at his disposal, among which is a luxurious hotel.[5][17] He is also endowed with a squad of personal bodyguards.[8] Tserriednich is extremely brilliant, as well as knowledgeable about many topics, ranging from science, philosophy, famous individuals to even football. According to Theta, his ability to consider multiple scenarios exceeds her own, even when it comes to a field he has only a basic knowledge of such as Nen.[2] He is known to have astounding visualization[14] and concentration abilities,[15] which contribute to his prodigious talent for Nen.


Tserriednich is a Nen genius of prodigious talent who was able to exert minor control over the flow of his aura[11] and pin down the basics of Gyo in less than one day.[12] With this skill, he managed to gather enough aura around his hands to perform Water Divination, which revealed him as a Specialist. According to Theta, the manifestation of his aura during the test is indicative of an extremely sinister nature.[2] Over the next few days, he managed to reach such a proficiency in Ten and Ren that Theta had him perform advanced exercises.[14] According to Theta, he already possesses a large amount of aura.[15] He also succeeded in closing the Aura Nodes in his hands at the first try,[14] as well as to perform a perfect Zetsu for one hour on the third try despite the many disturbances.[15] More impressively, however, he summoned a full-fledged Nen beast without even being aware of it, the medium of a Specialization ability which, according to Theta, was already in working order.[14]

Guardian Spirit Beast

Tserriednich Sacred Beast

Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast

After shedding a drop of his blood inside the Seed Urn, Tserriednich received an "egg" from which a Guardian Spirit Beast, a type of Nen beast, hatched to guard him.[3] Since it is a parasitic-type ability, he has no control over it; and due to one of its conditions, Tserriednich is also unable to perceive both his and other princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts despite being a Nen user. The Guardian Spirit Beast is subjected to two rule-like instincts: it is unable to fight other Guardian Spirit Beasts as well as to directly attack the host of one.[1]

Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast
Type: Unknown
Chap 369 - Tser Nen beast

Chap 385 - Theta's brand
Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast can stretch its neck up to several meters,[1] phase through walls,[13] and detect manipulated creatures or hostile aura within a certain range and neutralize them.[1] Its main ability is triggered when someone lies to its host. The first time this occurs,[15] the Guardian Spirit Beast scratches them with its barbed tongue.[18] When, after fulfilling this condition, Theta attempted to kill Tserriednich, the Guardian Spirit Beast either caused her to hallucinate her success or undid the murder itself even though the prince was in a state of Zetsu, after which it warned Theta that the next time she lies to its host, she will cease to exist as a human. Upon hearing the warning, the target is knocked out for a few minutes, and a sore begins to spread from the wound they received. Salkov conjectured that the only reason traitors would be kept alive until that point is that contravening the warning will result in the target becoming a pawn of the prince.[15]


  • Succession Contest arc:
    • Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast vs. Oito Hui Guo Rou[13]


  • (To Mark) "If I'm skinning pigs and monkeys, it's just dissection. What I seek is art, produced by youth with a future put in an extreme situation. A 'synthesis of the arts'."[5]
  • (To Benjamin) "Finally, I can freely dispose of all the rotten trash. Quake in your sleep, Benjamin. I will be the next king."[8]
  • "The seven deadly sins are missing something. Overreaching vanity!! Not realizing one's ignorance is the greatest sin of all!! Any pig offal becoming king instead of me is unacceptable!! Out of the question!!!"[8]
  • (To Theta) "You know what I hate the most is a lying wench... Can I trust you?"[12]


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic تسيريدنيتش هوي غو رو
China Flag Chinese 傑利多尼希·回可羅
France Flag French Tseridonich Hoicoro
Greece Flag Greek Τσέριεντ-νιχ Χόικορο (Tsérient-nich Chóikoro)
South Korea Flag Korean 체리드니히 호이코오로 (Chelideunihi Hoikolo)


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