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Tsezguerra (ツェズゲラ, Tsezugera) is a Single-star Hunter and is considered a "Jackpot Hunter", a form of Hunter that primarily seeks financial gain.[1]


2011 | 1999

Tsezguerra G.I Design (2011 Anime)

Tsezugera 2011 Design


Tsezguerra is a very straight-forward thinker and also a very prudent one at that. He doesn't take challenges that he feels that he's not capable of doing. He also looks down on people whom he thinks is inferior to his strength and or abilities. However when Tsezguerra was put in a position where the boys Gon and Killua completely surpass him in a test of his Nen skills, he's left flabbergasted by the boys progress and lies that they didn't beat his personal record. Also during the Dodgeball match with Razor, after he's taken out by one of Razor's spikes he thinks that due to his prudent thinking his senses has dulled over time making him weaker and thus decides to commit himself to retraining himself in the basics of Nen again.


Greed Island arcEdit


Battera inquires if the boys are qualified to play the game

Tsezguerra accompanies Mr. Battera to the first Southernpiece Auction to win a copy of Greed Island When Gon and Killua approach Battera expressing interest to play the game, Tsezguerra has them display their Ren as a test, but fails them, claiming they'd perish if they were to play the game.[2] Tsezguerra then belittles the boys and boasts to them about his own accomplishments he's made within the game. It's learned that after Battera plans on obtaining the final 7 copies left in the auction, a test will be held to recruit potential players for the game. Gon and Killua become excited after hearing this and Tsezguerra details they have 4 days to improve their Nen. With the boys out of the picture, Battera inquires again if the boys have a chance, but still claims they're too weak to play, but claims they can improve a lot within those days as they have great potential. While training Gon reflects on Tsezguerra's attitude towards him and Killua and becomes livid.[3]

On the day of the test in the Southernpiece Auction Auditorium Tsezguerra tests each of the applicants Ren, however Killua shows his Hatsu involving electricity and passes.[1] Then Gon shows his Hatsu and passes, but leaves a giant crater in the wall leaving Tsezguerra anxious. After the test, Tsezguerra congratulates the 21 applicants who passed and goes over the contract a little, and then informs them where the meeting place and the departure time. That night at Battera's Mansion, the applicants are lead by Tsezguerra to the basement with active Greed Island games. It's decided that how the applicants enter the game would be by Rock-Paper-Scissors and Gon wins allowing him to be the first to enter the game. Tsezguerra explains to Gon how to enter the game and he does so.[4]

Tsezguerra's Team

Tsezguerra and his team making a deal with the Bomb Devils

Within the game now accompanied with his comrades, Tsezguerra contacts to negotiate a trade for his Patch of Forest (G.I card). Genthru initially refuses, but Tsezguerra coaxes him, claiming he knows that he owns a monopoly of the Breath of Archangel (G.I card) and Night Jade (G.I card)s and is willing to offer a fair trade for his Night Jade card. Genthru considers the trade and talks it over with his comrades and after an hour passes, Tsezguerra gets in contact with Genthru again and he agrees to trade.[5] During the trade everything goes well, until Genthru's comrades Sub and Bara, hidden from view; roll a Risky Dice and use their Tax Collector's Gauntlets to steal from them and use a Return (G.I card) to go back to Masadora. Although Tsezguerra wanted to pursue them, Barry suggests they check what cards were stolen from them and finds out that he lost 2 cards that he held a monopoly of. The group then interrogate the "Supposed" Sub and Bara, but are fakes who had an Mad Scientist's Plastic Surgery (G.I card) used on them. After discussing it over, they decide to head to Soufrabi to get the Patch of Shore (G.I card).[6]

Tsezguerra And His Team Teaming Up With Gons

Gon and company ready to confront the Razor Pirates

When Gon and group are looking for players to recruit to go against Razor and his Pirates to get the Patch of Shore (G.I card), Biscuit though Goreinu argues it's best not to approach him due to him having as many cards as the Bomb Devils.[7] This however was overturned when Hisoka was recruited and had Tsezguerra in his contact list.[8] They arrange a meeting with Tsezguerra and Goreinu negotiates a deal with him, to which he accepts. He's also tested by Gon and Killua and manages to pass their test by hovering in the air at quite a high height, but is left flabbergasted when the boys easily surpass him. As it was being decided on who should face what trial, Tsezguerra and Gon take the Volley Ball Trial. A week goes by and Gon and group with 6 stand-ins challenge the Razor Pirates again at their Lighthouse base.[9]

During Barry's duel with the Pirate boxer, Tsezguerra speculates the boxed wrote the Divine Script on the boxing canvas and charged it with his Nen for an extended period of time, however this means the boxer is a feeble Nen user. This is proven when Barry easily beats the Boxer. As the group continuously win matches against the Pirates, Bopobo tries to start a mutiny, but is killed by Razor.[9] This makes the Stand-ins fearful and want to leave, but they're calmed down by Goreinu and reasoned with by Tsezguerra who thinks they're all seriously pathetic, but they're all they have to go against Razor.[10]

Tsezguerra Hit By Ball

Tsezguerra struck by Razor's Volley Ball spike

Razor then announces his trial is Dodge Ball and Emits 7 Devils and confirms that each person they manage to get out during the game equals a win. Seeing as the group has only 6 capable players Tsezguerra contemplates they'll have to coax 2 other players to play with them. Right after Gon confronts Razor on why he killed Bopobo, Tsezguerra reveals that the game takes place in the real world, Razor's one of the G.I. Game Masters, and a death row convicts hired by Pro Hunters to serve in an unconventional prison.[10] As soon as Goreinu is taken out of the game, Tsezguerra criticizes him, claiming he's to weak to play again due to mental strain, however Tsezguerra is struck with a spike from Razor on his right side. This put out of commission even though he used Nen to shield the blow it wasn't enough. Tsezguerra comes to realize his prudent actions have made his Nen capabilities erode and should now himself in the fundamentals.[11]

Tsezguerra & His Team Shocked

Tsezguerra and comrades watch the Dodgeball game as it progresses

The dodge ball game continues and Tsezguerra watches the game progress from the sidelines,[12][13][14] until he volunteers to take Killua's place due to Killua's hands being heavily injured by Gon's handling of the ball. The offer is rejected and Tsezguerra returns to the sidelines[15] and continues to watch the game progress, until Gon finally wins the game.[16] At the top of the lighthouse Gon receives the Patch of Shore card, while Tsezguerra and Goreinu receive a copy of the card. Outside the Lighthouse Tsezguerra and Goreinu offer Gon and group to join in a alliance to go up against the Bomb Devils. But before Gon could answer, Tsezguerra is contacted by Genthru who congratulates them for winning the Patch of Shore card, but demands they turn it over in exchange for their lives. Tsezguerra thinks the threat is a bluff, but Genthru also mentions that he's killed everyone in the Kazsule alliance that Gon was a part of. This enrages Gon who then challenges Genthru.[17]

Genthru accepts the challenge, so Tsezguerra plans to devise a plan to divert the attention of the Bomb Devils for 3 weeks in exchange for the Wild Luck Alexandrite (G.I card). Although Killua was reluctant to agree, Gon and Biscuit agree to it and so with Goreinu, Tsezguerra and group use an Accompany (G.I card) to return to Masadora to come up with a plan.[18] Later Tsezguerra and group minus Goreinu, confront Genthru and they all use a Thief (G.I card) and then use an Accompany back to Masadora. While Tsezguerra peers into his book to see what spell cards he'll need to keep the Bomb Devils at bay, he thinks how the Bomb Devils will now have to deal with the tactics of a 1 Star Hunter.[19]

While spying on the Bomb Devils Goreinu reports to Tsezguerra that they're hunting down players in Masadora for their Accompany and Magnetic Force (G.I card)s and those who came in contact with them before are killed. So in order to have a clear advantage over the Bomb Devils Tsezguerra and group trade with other players and warn them to stay away from Masadora. Soon The Bomb Devils manage to collect 48 Accompany cards and begin to go after Tsezguerra and his comrades who anxiously await his arrival.[20] Tsezguerra and his comrades manage to delay the Bomb Devils until the run out of Accompany cards they use a Return card to Aiai and leave the game using a Leap (G.I card) to leave to the game and return to Battera's Mansion. The Mansion was deserted and when Tsezguerra calls out for Battera, the head of security Sabazushi appears and informs him why everyone is gone. Shocked and speechless, Tsezguerra confronts a Battera who confined himself in a room and claims he'll get his money and merely wishes to be left alone. As Tsezguerra details what he's learned to his comrades, Genthru kills Sabazushi.[21]

Battera Explaining His Reasons

Battera explains why he withdrew the reward

Ten days pass since Tsezguerra and comrades left the game they all sit in the room Battera confined himself in and Tsezguerra asks him to explain his reasons for canceling the contract. Battera initially refuses to speak, until Tsezguerra points out a young lady and asks what his connection to her is.[22] After Gon and group defeat the Bomb Devils and Goreinu regroups with them and informs them that Tsezguerra and comrades won't continue playing the game anymore, as Battera canceled the contract.[23]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Hunters visit to Gon

Tsezguerra visiting Gon at the hospital

Tsezguerra votes in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman and places in 16th place.[24] In the Second and Third Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman he places in 15th place.[25][26] Tsezguerra visits Gon, while he was in the hospital.[27] In the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman Tsezguerra places in 17th place and is ousted from the race, due to not making the top 16 candidates.[28] After Leorio gives his heartfelt speech, Tsezguerra is seen as one of the people that gives Leorio a round of applause.[29]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Tsezguerra's Nen Enhanced Jump

Tsezguerra's Enhanced jumping power using his Nen

As a Single Star Jackpot Hunter, Tsezguerra has access to substantial funds and classified information; for example, he knew that Greed Island was actually located in the real world. His contributions to his field of specialization were great enough to grant him one star. He is a very cunning, adaptable strategist as well as a resourceful leader. In fact, is one of the few people who rival or even best Killua in terms of strategic thinking. He is extremely observant and good at measuring people's power. Although he conceded that Gon and Killua are superior to him under some physical aspects such as reflexes and agility due to his lack of training in recent years, he still deems himself stronger in combat.


Tsezguerra's Nen type, as well as any particular Hatsu technique (if any), has yet to be shown. At one point being challenged by Killua and Gon to "show them his Ren" (a pass/fail test given to them by him before entering Greed Island) he demonstrated what he called his technique, which merely consisted of gathering aura to his legs and feet and jumping high. Gon and Killua (Impressed more by the application that they hadn't tried yet than the technique itself) promptly surpassed his max height on their first try. However, the delicacy and quickness with which he can mold his aura are better than Killua's, at least by the time of the dodgeball match against Razor, as he believed he could hold the ball for Gon to throw with Jajanken without sustaining injury.


  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), Tsezguerra's stats are:
Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Greed Island arc 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5


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