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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Tsezguerra 2011





Japanese Voice

Ryuuji Mizuki (1999 OVA)
Kiyoyuki Yanada (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 121

Anime Debut

Episode 74 (1999)
Episode 59 (2011)


Male Male

Eye Color

Blue (1999)
Brown (2011)

Hair Color





Jackpot Hunter (Single star)

Previous Occupation

Greed Island Player



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Tsezguerra (ツェズゲラ, Tsezugera) is a Single-star Hunter and is considered a "Jackpot Hunter", a form of Hunter that primarily seeks financial gain.[1]


2011 | 1999

Tsezguerra G.I Design (2011 Anime)

Tsezugera 2011 Design


Like typical Enhancers, Tsezguerra is a very straight-forward thinker and also a very prudent one at that. Tsezguerra doesn't take challenges that he feels that he's not capable of doing. He also looks down on people whom he thinks is inferior to his strength and or abilities. However when Tsezguerra was put in a position where the boys Gon and Killua completely surpass him in a test of his Nen skills, he's left flabbergasted by the boys progress and lies that they didn't beat his personal record. Also during the Dodgeball match with Razor, after he's taken out by one of Razor's spikes he thinks that due to his prudent thinking his senses has dulled over time making him weaker and thus decides to commit himself to retraining himself in the basics of Nen again.


Greed Island arcEdit


Battera asks Tsezguerra if the boys qualify to play the game

Tsezguerra accompanies Mr. Battera to the Southernpiece Auction in hopes to win a copy of the game Greed Island. Battera manages to, but loses a large fortune doing so, much to Tsezguerra's dismay. As soon as Gon and Killua approach Battera and prove themselves worthy of being tested to see if they can play the game. They then display their Ren to Tsezguerra, but he fails the boys claiming they'll die if they play the game.[2] Tsezguerra then belittles the boys and details the dangers if they played game. Gon then questions Tsezguerra's qualifications, who arrogantly details he's a Pro Hunter and about his strenuous endeavors he's had to endured within the game and how he's managed to return to the real world with the correct item and also insults the boys Nen capabilities calling it weak. Gon then asks if Tsezguerra has so far managed to beat the game, but admits he's only completed about 80% of the game and claims he plays for proficiency, not that it's Gon's business that agitates Gon.[3]

Tsezguerra then mentions that he'll return to the game after the evaluation test and when he returns to the real world he'll have beaten the game. Puzzled by an evaluation test, Battera explains to the boys about his plans to accumulate the remaining 7 copies of the game in the upcoming auctions and he'll hold a test for potential players to be able to play the game on September 10th. Tsezguerra explains the boys have 4 days to improve their Nen, but before they leave tries to inquire about how they have any knowledge about the Greed Island game, but Gon refuses to tell. With the boys out of sight, Battera inquires Tsezguerra his opinion on the boys and Tsezguerra maintains his perspective on the boys claiming they're weak, but that a lot can occur within 4 days and looks forward to the 10th. Later Gon reflects upon how Tsezguerra's insult and becomes aggravated, activating his Ren.[3]

In a packed auditorium within the Southernpiece Auction Auditorium on September 10th, the evaluation test is held and after being introduced by an announcer, Tsezguerra makes his appearance and quickly announces what the test and that it'll be held behind an iron curtain. When Killua's turn comes up he inquires if it's alright to show his Hatsu instead, to which Tsezguerra agrees and his baffled by Killua's control over Electricity. Though baffled, he passes Killua and learns that it's a Zoldyck Family tradition to electrocute their newborns in electricity.[4] Gon's turn was next and he too shows off screen his Hatsu to Tsezguerra and smashes a giant indent in one of the walls. Observing the wall after Gon smashed it, Tsezguerra comments how dangerous the kids are. With 21 applicants passing the test, Tsezguerra congratulates the applicants and details if they manage to win the game that 50 Billion Dollars would be bestowed upon one of them and that the contracts would explain the rest. He goes onto detail the meeting place and departure time of when the players will be sent into the game. Later that night at Battera's Mansion, Tsezguerra leads the applicants to a room within the basement filled with active Greed Island games. Before he lets the applicants into the game, he explains details about the Joystation Consoles and how they don't act independently. Right after all of the applicants get or pull out their respective memory card and after the applicants play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes in first, Gon wins and Tsezguerra explains how Gon can enter the game and allows Gon to enter the game.[5]

Tsezguerra's Team

Tsezguerra and his team making a deal with the Bomb Devils

Months gone by, Tsezguerra now accompanied by his comrades uses a Contact (G.I card) to contact Genthru to negotiate a trade for his Patch of Forest (G.I card). Genthru initially refuses, but Tsezguerra coaxes him, claiming he knows that he owns a monopoly of the Breath of Archangel (G.I card) and Night Jade (G.I card)s and is willing to offer a fair trade for his Night Jade card. Genthru discusses the trade over with his own comrades and after an hour passes, Tsezguerra contacts Genthru again about the trade and he agrees to go through with the trade.[6] Afterwards Tsezguerra and his comrades trade with Genthru and his comrades in an open field. The trade initially goes off without a hitch, but after Genthru claims the trade wasn't fair and holds up one card in both of his hands, one of them being Breath of Archangel while the other is scrap card. This however was a trap as Genthru's comrades Sub and Bara hidden within the fields ambush Tsezguerra and his comrades using their Tax Collector's Gauntlets to steal from them and use a Return (G.I card) to go back to Masadora.[7]

Although Tsezguerra wanted to pursue Genthru, he's advised by his comrade Barry to find out what cards have been stolen from them. Tsezguerra lost 2 cards, one of them he had a monopoly of. Deducing that Genthru's comrades used a Risky Dice (G.I card) to have a better chance to steal their fixed slot cards. Demanding answers from the "Supposed" Sub and Bara, they reveal they're fakes and were made to look like Sub and Bara using an Mad Scientist's Plastic Surgery (G.I card). Discussing their options with how to approach the situation at hand it's ultimately decided they head to Soufrabi to get the Patch of Shore (G.I card).[7] Biscuit Krueger mentions Tsezguerra as a possible player to recruit to help them beat Razor and his Pirates, Goreinu however argues that Tsezguerra has collected as many cards as the Bomb Devils and it'd be better if he had no interest in the card.[8] With Hisoka recruited whom had Tsezguerra in his list,[9] meet up with Tsezguerra and Goreinu negotiates a deal with Tsezguerra, to which he accepts. He's also tested by Gon and Killua and manages to pass their test by hovering in the air at quite a high height, but is left flabbergasted when the boys easily surpass him.[10]

Tsezguerra And His Team Teaming Up With Gons

Gon and company ready to confront the Razor Pirates

On the ground, Tsezguerra praises the kids jumping skills, however lies that they didn't beat his record. Killua nonchalantly claims that Tsezguerra's jump was sub par, making him livid. Goreinu steps in and asks Tsezguerra to forgive the kids and then informs him of the various sports trials they have to compete and beat in in order to receive the card Patch of Shore (G.I card). Tsezguerra decides to compete in the Volley Ball trial with the help from a reluctant Gon, whom is trained by Tsezguerra on how to play Volley Ball. After a week of endless training, Gon and group return to the lighthouse to challenge the Razor Pirates once more. During Barry's duel Tsezguerra speculates that the Pirate boxer wrote the Nen Inscription and charged it with his Nen for a long period of time, but this also means the boxer is also a feeble Nen user. This is proven when Barry easily beats the Pirate Boxer in the ring. As the group continuously win matches against the pirates, Bopobo tries to start a mutiny, but is instantly killed by Razor.[10]

The 6 stand ins now fearful and anxious; Goreinu tries to calm them down, while Tsezguerra tries to reason with them. However he believes that the stand ins are pathetic with barely any conviction, but they're better than nothing going up against a Game Master. Razor then announces his trial would be Dodge balls and Emits 7 Devils and confirms that each person is a win. Noticing that out of the group there's only 6 capable players in their team, Tsezguerra contemplates that they'd have to coax 2 of the pathetic players into playing. Right after Gon confronts Razor about why he killed Bopobo and learns his reasons why. Hisoka confesses the game takes place in the real world and Tsezguerra confirms and also details that it's taboo to reveal it with death being the punishment and that Razor is not only one of the G.I. Game Masters, but also like his pirates, death row convicts hired by Pro Hunters to serve in an unconventional prison.[11]

Tsezguerra Hit By Ball

Tsezguerra hit by the ball thrown by Razor

As soon as the dodgeball game begins and Goreinu is sent to reserves, Tsezguerra thinks that Goreinu is now useless because of the mental strain he's succumbed to. Although later, he's taken out of the game from being hit with a spike to his right side, even though he used his Nen to shield the impact of the ball. Rodriot and Kess then rush over to Tsezguerra see if he's alright and he assures them he's fine. He then contemplates on how flawed his prudent actions have caused his fighting capabilities to erode and how he should retrain himself in the fundamentals.[12] When Gon and Killua decide to catch the next dodgeball throw, while utilizing their Ken, Tsezguerra contemplates while their Ken is impressive, it doesn't negate the chance of getting harmed from one of Razor's spikes. Razor throws the ball aimed at Gon that makes Tsezguerra anxious and hopes he dodges, but Gon takes the hit and is alright. The game progresses and with Goreinu back in the game,[13] Tsezguerra witnesses Goreinu struck out by taking a spike from Razor to his face.[14]

Tsezguerra & His Team Shocked

Tsezguerra and comrades watch the Dodgeball game as it progresses

The game progresses and soon Gon takes out the Devil 13 much to Tsezguerra's amazement and becomes shocked by the powerful Nen Gon exerted as he readied himself to shoot a ball against Razor.[15] Tsezguerra's comrades relieved that the odds are to their advantage, Tsezguerra on the other hand questions it since their side is heavily injured especially Killua whose hands are worse off than Hisoka's and curses himself for not being the one that held the ball when Gon shot it at Razor, because he would have reacted faster than Killua. Conjuring a plan, he asks the referee if players on the inside volunteer outside? The referee claims that there's no rules against it, but the player in question won't be able to return to the game. Frustrated by the conditions, he calls over Gon and asks to be switched out with Killua because of the conditions of his hands. Gon and Killua however reject the proposal, shocking Tsezguerra causing him to cringe in pain. Killua then assures him not to worry over it so much, but then he asks Killua to show his hand, reluctant too, Biscuit forces Killua to, revealing his heavily swollen hand. Tsezguerra further insists he replace Killua, but Gon still refuses as he believes the ball should only be handled by Killua. Tsezguerra understands and returns to the sidelines.[16]

Tsezguerra Shaked By Genthru's Offer

Tsezguerra worried for Gon's well being against Genthru

The game goes on and Tsezguerra praises Gon for his endeavor he displayed throughout the dodgeball game as Hisoka helps win the game with his Bungee Gum.[17] At the top of the lighthouse Gon receives the Patch of Shore card, while Tsezguerra and Goreinu receive a copy of the card. Outside the lighthouse Goreinu and Tsezguerra talk to Gon to form an alliance with one another to go up against the Bomb Devils. It's at that exact moment that Genthru contacts them and congratulates them for their win and demands they hand over the Patch of Shore Card in exchange for their lives. Tsezguerra thinks Genthru's threat is a bluff, but is assured by him it's not and claims if they don't bring the desired card within a week to the entrance to Masadora, then it'll be considered as a declaration of war. Anxious that Genthru has figured them out sooner than he expected, Genthru then names off players that Gon was in an alliance previously and claims that he's killed them all. Enraged by hearing this, Gon challenges Genthru.[18]

Genthru accepts Gon's challenge and after Genthru cuts off contact with the group, Tsezguerra plans that his group will carry Fake copies of the Patch of Shore cards. This would allow the week time they've been given to have Gon and Killua heal their wounds and prepare. Tsezguerra does warn Gon not be selfish and reckless for it'll cost him his life this time and after discussing it over with his comrades he proposes a plan to extend the time the designated time put against them to 3 weeks in exchange for the Wild Luck Alexandrite (G.I card). Although Killua was hesitant to agree with it at first, he along with Gon and Biscuit agree to Tsezguerra's plan. Tsezguerra with his comrade and now Goreinu use an Accompany (G.I card) to return to Masadora discuss a plan to steal the Breath of Archangel (G.I card) from Genthru.[19] Tsezguerra along with his comrades confront Genthru who remembers that he clearly stated to him before to come alone. Tsezguerra claims his group had a disagreement with one another and then they each use a Thief (G.I card) and then he uses an Accompany (G.I card) to return back to Masadora. Outside of Masadora Tsezguerra peers into his book and observes what cards he'll need to keep the Bomb Devils at bay and how they'll have to deal with the tactics of a 1 Star Hunter.[20]

Meanwhile Goreinu witnesses the Bomb Devils hunt down other players for for their Accompany and Magnetic Force (G.I card)s and the players that are associated with Tsezguerra are killed. This is all done to eliminate Goreinu so he cannot help Tsezguerra and his comrades collect any more spell cards. Seeing how dire the situation is, Tsezguerra has Goreinu change his position. Kess then uses his Hatsu to track the down in Masadora, while Rodriot figures out with the spell cards the Bomber Devils collected so far they'll catch up to them within 4-5 days, but they happen to have 36 Return cards. Tsezguerra figures that the Bomb Devils actions are predictable and thinks that they won't be able to move from their location until they collect a certain amount of spell cards, then all is going by smoothly. In the time that they have Tsezguerra and comrades trade with other players and when the Bomb Devils collect 48 Accompany cards they head out to confront Tsezguerra, who awaits their arrival.[21]

Upon the Bomb Devils arrival Tsezguerra and group use an Accompany to Masadora and the Bomb Devils pursue them. This continues on until Tsezguerra runs out of cards and Barry takes over and takes them to Soufrabi. Regrouping in a forest outside Soufrabi, Tsezguerra contacts Goreinu for an update on the Bomb Devils, he informs him that the Sub and Bara pursuing them are the fakes and the real ones are on stand by the spell shop in Masadora. Tsezguerra predicted this and while someone suggested they ambush the real Sub and Bara, Tsezguerra rules against it and wants them to stick to the plan with the highest probably of success. Reaching Aiai, Tsezguerra and comrades await the Bomb Devils arrival and go onto the pursuit again and as soon as they run out of Accompany cards, they switch to Return cards and use it to return to Aiai. Right outside the place they use their final Leap (G.I card) to exit the game and return back to Battera's mansion only to find it deserted. Tsezguerra calls out for Battera, but the head of security Sabazushi shows up and informs him why everyone is gone. Shocked by this outcome, Tsezguerra confronts Battera who locked himself away in a room demanding answers, Battera however claims his lawyers will pay him his fees and wishes to left alone. Tsezguerra returns to his comrades to inform them that what he learned and at that moment Genthru returns to Battera's Mansion and kills Sabazushi.[22]

Battera Explaining His Reasons

Battera explains why he withdrew the reward

After 10 days pass since Tsezguerra and comrades left the game, Goreinu contacts Gon and group to informs that he figures Tsezguerra and his comrades won't return to the game. Meanwhile Tsezguerra and his comrades all sit in the room Battera confined himself in and Tsezguerra asks for his reasons for canceling the contract. Initially stays silent, until Tsezguerra points out a young lady and what his connection to her is and his reasons for canceling the bounty.[23] After Gon and group defeat the Bomb Devils and Goreinu regroups with them and he informs them that Tsezguerra and comrades seriously won't continue playing the game anymore, as Battera canceled the contract.[24]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Hunters visit to Gon

Tsezguerra visiting Gon at the hospital

Tsezguerra votes in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman and places in 16th place.[25] In the Second and Third Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman he places in 15th place.[26][27] Tsezguerra visits Gon, while he was in the hospital.[28] In the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman Tsezguerra places in 17th place and is ousted from the race, due to not making the top 16 candidates.[29] After Leorio gives his heartfelt speech, Tsezguerra and everyone else in the Hunter Association Auditorium give him a round of applause.[30]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Tsezguerra's Nen Enhanced Jump

Tsezguerra's Enhanced jumping power using his Nen

As a Single Star Jackpot Hunter, Tsezguerra has access to substantial funds and classified information; for example, he knew that Greed Island was actually located in the real world. His contributions to his field of specialization were great enough to grant him one star. He is a very cunning, adaptable strategist as well as a resourceful leader. In fact, is one of the few people who rival or even best Killua in terms of strategic thinking. He is extremely observant and good at measuring people's power. Although he conceded that Gon and Killua are superior to him under some physical aspects such as reflexes and agility due to his lack of training in recent years, he still deems himself stronger in combat.


Tsezguerra's Nen type, as well as any particular Hatsu technique (if any), has yet to be shown. At one point being challenged by Killua and Gon to "show them his Ren" (a pass/fail test given to them by him before entering Greed Island) he demonstrated what he called his technique, which merely consisted of gathering aura to his legs and feet and jumping high. Gon and Killua (Impressed more by the application that they hadn't tried yet than the technique itself) promptly surpassed his max height on their first try. However, the delicacy and quickness with which he can mold his aura are better than Killua's, at least by the time of the dodgeball match against Razor, as he believed he could hold the ball for Gon to throw with Jajanken without sustaining injury.


  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), Tsezguerra's stats are:
Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Greed Island arc 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5


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