The Underground Clinic Nurse is the head nurse of the Underground Clinic in the Republic of East Gorteau.[1]


The Underground Clinic Nurse is a short, black haired, narrow eyed, and stout looking lady, dressed in standard nurse clothing with a stethoscope hung around her neck.[1]


The nurse is shown to be extremely greedy since she willing to charge medical fee at cutthroat-price for every patient in the clinic. She also very forceful to the point sadistic in which she refuses to let any patient to leave the clinic unless they pay their ridiculous amount of medical fee or else she will take their body parts as payment. Her greediness also extends to others service like phone bill since she charges Killua 10,000 Jenny Currency Symbol per minute.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

The Underground Clinic Nurse approaches Killua and Ikalgo as soon as Killua awakens from his 2 day coma. She informs them that if Killua happened to die, he wouldn't need a grave as his body would have been harvested and sold. When Killua says he's ready to leave the clinic the Nurse tells him that he can't leave unless he pays for his medical fees that added up to 1,800,000 Jenny Currency Symbol and if he can't pay the clinic can accept a body part instead. Killua bluffs that he left his wallet at home and asks if he can leave and to go get it, but the Nurse refuses saying that he'll have to stay until he finds a way to pay for his fees. Killua irritated by the nurse's unwillingness to cooperate with him, then asks to use the phone. The Nurse informs him it's 10,000 Jenny Currency Symbol per minute and because Pail is the currency used at the clinic, she can exchange 500,000 Jenny Currency Symbol for 1 Pail. Livid by the Nurse's greed, Killua tells the Nurse to buzz off and uses the phone to contact Gon, while the Nurse pesters him for money. Finished with his phone call, Killua gives the Nurse his account number to his bank and after it clears, she allows him to leave.[1]


  • It is possible that the nurse has tight with the Mafia community due to the nature of her clinic.


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