The Unmanned Rock (()(じん)(せき)()()()()()()(), Mujinseki—lit. "Inexhaustible Stone [or Transistor]") is a mineral ore found in the Dark Continent.[1]


It has the capacity, once submerged in water, to generate electricity. A small bead can put out about 20 megawatts of power for a day. It is found in the mountain ranges of the northeastern shore of Lake Mobius. However, this is also the territory of one of the Five Great Calamities, Pap. In the past, the Begerossé Union attempted to retrieve the stone, but of the 1,000 people sent, only 7 survived Pap's attack and returned.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Ging Freecss narrates the five trips undertaken towards the Dark Continent, and mentions the Unmmaned Rock to three members of Beyond's Expedition Team, including Curly and Mascher.[1]


  • "Mujinseki" is a term used for uninhabited towns or islands.


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