I know there has already been talk about this, but I think we should not refer to Kite as Meruem's twin. From a human perspective, they were indeed both inside the Chimera Ant Queen's body at the same time, but they're twins only if we apply a human logic, so it's a figure of speech rather than a fact. Here's what I mean:

  1. Since Kite was killed after the Queen impregnated herself with Meruem, Kite was obviously not conceived at the same time as Meruem.
  2. It is unknown if Meruem was meant to be born outside of the King's body like the other ants or if he was an exception, but regardless, here we can see what looks like Kite's own sac, which should mean they were not inside the same one, and so they are not twins in the human sense (or no less than the other ants).

Because of this, I don't think we can safely establish that Kite is Meruem's twin, or a member of the Royal Family, for that matter. Thoughts?