I know the former two are currently unnamed, but would it be ok to make articles about them? Darkchylde approved of my proposition to make a page about the blond guy working for V5 some time ago (a year or so, actually, but I rarely edit during hiatuses... sorry). Do I remember incorrectly, or was the proposal of making a separate page for Nanika approved, too, after Volume 33 confirmed she's a separate entity from Alluka and comes from the Dark Continent?

As for the user of Silent Majority, we know little about him (from what I've been told, he's extremely likely to be male: he uses the pronoun "ore" and adds "ze" at the end of some sentences, masculine ways of speaking both), but he is indeed relevant to the plot. We actually have pages concerning much less relevant, unnamed characters (the one who examined Kurapika, the Nen-using soldier from East Gorteau...).

So... could we do it?