Hunter x Hunter Hiatus Chart

Hiatus Chart

Hiatus Chart.

-Looks like we will probably be getting new chapters toward the end of 2013 (like in 2007) , otherwise this year will be the first one where we get no chapters at all.

-There's only 37 issues in 1998 due to HxH beginning in March 3rd.

-Seems like 2006 was the start of all these long hiatuses.

-Note that every year on the chart considers double issues as one single issue, their content is no different than single issues (only one chapter for every manga), they're just numbered that way (ie 17-18) due to WSJ not releasing an issue the following week.


-2013: 48/48 issues, 100% hiatus, Note however that there was the Kurapika Oneshot in issue 1 & 2 of the 2013 WSJ publishing year (which starts in december).
This chart counts the appearences in Jump so to be more accurate it's 46/48 issues, 95.8%.

-2014: 23/??.

Absent on issue 29.

Absent on issue 33.

Longest hiatuses

-Longest hiatus: (2012- 2014) starting issue 15 of 2012 (34 issues in 2012, 48 issues in 2013, 23 issues in 2014) until issue 23 of 2014, with 105 straight issues missed.

-Second longest hiatus: (2006- 2007) starting Issue 10 of 2006 until issue 40 of 2007, with 79 straight issues missed.


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