EDIT: Someone on /a/ made an all around better chart, check it out here:

Hiatus Chart

Hiatus Chart

-There are only 37 issues in 1998 because HxH started in March 3rd.

-Seems like 2006 was the start of all these long hiatuses.

-Note that every year on the chart considers double issues as one single issue, their content is no different from single issues (only one chapter for every manga), they're just numbered that way due to WSJ not releasing an issue the following week.


-2013: 46/48 issues, 95.8% hiatus, Note however that the two chapters were the Kurapika Oneshots in issue 1 & 2 of the 2013 WSJ publishing year.

-2014: 39/48 issues, 81.3% hiatus.

-2015: 49/49 issues, 100% hiatus.