Since it's been talked about over and over and repeatedly confirmed as something that should be done, despite my reservations about possibly overstepping by creating a page I've decided to start putting one together. However, since I'm not sure whether or not it's better to have one page for both Alluka and Nanika or separate ones, I'd like to ask that while still putting together a new page.

Obviously I won't be actually submitting it until I'm actually done with it, but I'd like to ask if there's any hard necessities for a page or suggestions for things you guys think are necessary - otherwise I'll just be copying the format seen on other character pages. Fair warning/reminder that I'm new to the whole thing and might end up doing a lot of good old-fashioned fumbling, and it honestly might just take me a while in general since, you know, real life calls.

I'm also not certain if "Nanika" or "Something" should be used for said page. The chapter pages on the wiki have no consistency with what the character is called. I defaulted to Nanika, but given the fact that Senritsu is referred to as Melody by the wiki I'm unsure as to whether or not Viz's use of Nanika or Crunchyroll's Something should be used.

I'm defaulting to gender neutrality when writing the page. Crunchyroll's subs has Alluka use "she" when referring to Nanika, but the Japanese text isn't gendered so I'm not sure how that would affect a decision on that. Now that we know definitively that Nanika isn't human, the question of "does Nanika even have a gender" is something I'm keeping in mind, but if there's a consensus to go with Crunchyroll's decision I'm good with that.

Also, I'm planning on transferring (and editing) all information regarding "Alluka's" powers from her page to the new one for Nanika, since they're pretty explicitly Nanika's powers. Again, if any of this seems unreasonable please let me know.