The Wolf Pack ((ぐん)(ろう)()()()()()()()(), Gunrō) are a bunch of wolf-like monsters that can walk, fight upright, and have decent combat ability. They can reappear indefinitely until its leader, the Chief of Wolf Pack, is defeated.[1]


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Greed Island arcEdit

The Wolf Pack ambush and get beaten by Gon and Killua after they leave Masadora in order to find out a way to leave Greed Island, so Killua can take the 288th Hunter Exam.[1]


The Chief of Wolf Pack is a C-rank card with a 45-card limit. Its designated number is 598.[1]


  • The Wolf Pack do not appear in any of the anime adaptations.
  • Although not stated, the use of Gyo by Gon and Killua when they face the wolves and the visual effect on some of them[1] implies that these animals are Nen users; manifestly Gyo or Ko, Shu, and In.


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