Wong (ウォン, Won) is a man working in the zoological agency of the Kakin Empire.[1]


Wong appears to be in his mid 40's and is slightly overweight. He's well dressed and groomed. He has brown hair and thick, brown eyebrows.[1]


Won presented himself as kind and appreciative for the wonderful work done by Kite and the Amateur Hunters.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Wong thanks Kite and the Amateur Hunters for their excellent work on his job request, claiming all that they've accomplished was more than what the agency he works for would be able to accomplish in two centuries. A humble Kite downplays the praise and admits it was fun a job to do. Though Wong promises he'll he'll recommend Kite and his group to other agencies and countries in return for the biological survey that was carried out for Kakin. After Wong gives his signature on the contract for Kite, he mentions a rumor that the Southernpiece Auction House had found a part of an amazing life form that has been undiscovered thus far and they're looking to hire Hunters to go and find and bring back a live specimen.[1]

Language Name
France Flag French Won


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