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Wong Li (ウォン=リー, Won Rī) was a Greed Island Player, a member of team Hanse with Zeho and was a member of Kazsule's Alliance.[1]




Greed Island arcEdit

Asta In Meeting About The Bomber

Wong Li attends Kazsule's Alliance meeting

Wong Li and his two teammates Zeho and Hanse attend the meeting of different teams organized by Kazsule and are among the 15 players. Kazsule proposes an alliance between the players and after finding out the Bomb Devils abilities and deciding that the Plot of Beach is the best card the Bomb Devils don't have, for them to collect and get a monopoly of. The player Amana uses a Guidepost to find it's location in Soufrabi, to which Wong Li claims his team was there before. So Wong Li uses an Accompany to transport himself and the alliance members to Soufrabi.[1]

Arriving at the destination, Kazsule instructs the group how to obtain an SS-Ranked card and then the alliance members disperse into the city in order to find information on the Plot of Beach card. Kazsule manages to find a woman NPC who has information on the card and that it's in the hands of the Razor Pirates. The alliance then heads to the pirates' base in town and are confronted by a group of pirates, one of them Bopobo challenges the group to a sumo match in order to be taken to their boss.[2] Zeho steps up to the challenge, but is easily beaten and Killua manages to defeat him and the group is lead to Razor's lighthouse base. When the alliance members arrive Razor challenges the group to a series of challenges and the first is boxing, to which Montreux steps up to the challenge,[3] but loses and the alliance members lose all of the trials set by the Pirates and are asked to leave. Seeing as there's no way for the Bomb Devils to acquire the Plot of Beach card, the alliance disbands.[4] Genthru reveals that after the alliance members left Razor's gym he and his comrades killed them all.[5]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Gon's team estimated him to be too weak to defeat Razor's convicts, as turned out to be the case. Wong Li was also unable to see the Pirate boxer's warping uppercut.[4]


Due to being able to access Greed Island, Wong Li is capable of utilizing Nen.[6]


  • Greed Island arc:
    • Wong Li, Hanse, and Zeho vs. Genthru, Bara and Sub[5]


  • His name, "Wong Li" are both Chinese surnames.


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