Woody (ウッディ, Uddi) was a bodyguard assigned to the fourteenth prince of the Kakin Empire, Prince Woble, and her mother.[1] In reality, he was also a spy sent by Swinko-swinko Hui Guo Rou.[2][3]


Woody had an oval face with a small nose and small eyes with thin eyebrows. He had messy, light-colored hair at the top of his head. As a royal bodyguard, he wore a black suit and a tie. Due all the blood in his body having been drained, his corpse was shriveled.


Succession Contest arcEdit

Chap 359 - Woody's corpse

Woody's corpse found

Woody is assigned to Queen Oito and Prince Woble for protection during the journey.[1] Soon after the voyage started, he is found dead due to all the blood in his body having been drained.[4] After finding out he is a spy sent by one of the higher ranked queens, Kurapika hypothesizes that he was killed by Woble's Guardian Spirit Beast when the prince felt threatened by him,[3] although subsequent attacks of the user of Silent Majority seem to refute this theory.[5]


  • Woody's face looks like that of the Japanese comedian, Udo Suzuki.


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