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The known world.

Hunter X Hunter World Map

Hunter × Hunter World Map of definite locations

The fictional world of Hunter × Hunter is composed of the ocean and the 6 continents which look similar to those of the real world, but have different locations. The only 2 continents known so far are the Yorbian and Azian continents. There are 250 countries in the world. In reality the "ocean" where these continents are is a great lake in the Dark Continent called Lake Mobius (メビウス, Mebiusu).

V6 Nations

Location of V6 countries on world map.

Dark Continent

The true "outside world" beyond the borders of the map (which can be seen on the far left corner).

List of Places in the "known" World:

List of Places in the "outside" World:


  • The world of Hunter × Hunter looks like a map of Earth, but with the various continents tilted and relocated.
    • Real world locations that are missing include Sri Lanka, Greenland, Iceland, and Central America

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