Yorknew City
Yorknew City



Yōkushin Shiti

Location Statistics
Located in

United States of Saherta

Controlled by

Mafia Community

Manga Debut

Chapter 70

Anime Debut

Episode 50 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)

Yorknew City (ヨークシンシティ, Yōkushin Shiti) is a sprawling metropolis of the United States of Saherta, on the Yorbian continent.


The city annually holds various auctions from the 1st to the 10th of September, including the world's largest auction: the Southernpiece Auction,[1][2] in which the world's rarest and most valuable artifacts are accumulated in one place.

Aside from thousands of lawful auction houses, the city is also famous for its black market auctions which mostly deal with illegal goods. The Mafia's Underground Auction takes place here every year, in the Cemetery Building.[3]

During the ten days of the auctions, tens of trillions of Jenny are exchanged in the official auctions alone. Yorknew's auctions are where one's dreams can come true-an item bought for ten thousand Jenny Currency Symbol can be sold for 100 million Jenny Currency Symbol the next day.[1]

According to Light Nostrade, the city's election and authority are mostly bribed and controlled by the Mafia community. As the result, all enforcement forces in the city ranging from police to SWAT are literally dirty cops and Mafia henchmen in which the Mafia can order them to create blockage across the city during the Phantom Troupe's rampage.[4]


Hunter X Hunter World Map

Yorknew City's location on the map

York Shin

The characters' location

Yorknew City is located on the Yorbian continent, more precisely in the United States of Saherta. In the Nippon Animation anime adaptation, the World Trade Center can also be found here. In this city, you can find:



Yorknew City and Barcelona comparison

  • Yorknew City's name is an amalgamation of the latter half of the word "New York" and the Japanese word for "new," shin (新). The Japanese pronunciation of the city is also very similar to "Auction City".
  • The Yorknew City street map is similar to that of Barcelona:


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