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2011 | Manga






Manga Debut

Chapter 190

Anime Debut

Episode 78 (2011)

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Azusa Nakao



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Chimera Ant Squadron Leader
Self Proclaimed Queen



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Zazan (ザザン, Zazan) was a scorpion-like Chimera Ant Squadron Leader, and one of the more disobedient leaders as she allowed her subordinates to freely kill and eat humans. After the Queen's death, Zazan proclaimed herself a queen and set out form her own colony.


Zazan appearence 2011

Zazan's initial anime design

Zazan is a Chimera Ant that resembles a human, excluding her scorpion-esque tail and her mannequin-like hands and legs which resemble most Chimera Ants. Her tail appears to be about a long as her height. She has long fuchsia hair, purple skin, large breasts and legs that resemble thick boots. She is scantily dressed in a pair of underwear and a short shirt. After becoming a queen on her own, her outfit become a lot more revealing, consisting of a thong, a corset and a very short bra. She also wore a long skirt to hide her tail from her enemies.


Zazan is extremely self-confident, egocentric, and vain, to the point of being obsessed with her beauty. She has also a particular lust for power, in fact Zazan becomes the self-proclaimed new Chimera Ant Queen.[1] Despite having normally an arrogant and composed attitude she easily gets furious if anything damages her beauty revealing a considerable violent and vengeful side of her.[2]


Chimera Ant arc

Zazan 1

first appearance Zazan.

Zazan is first introduced when she subdues Pokkle with her stinger, saving her doting subordinate Pike from Pokkle's attacks.[3] After the Chimera Ant Queen's death[4] she proclaims herself to be the new queen, taking over a castle in Meteor City and turning a copious number of humans there into subservient minions with her sting[5].
Zazan intercepts Feitan's attack

Zazan vs Feitan.

Her reign is interrupted by the Phantom Troupe, who entered her castle[6], killed all of her subordinates, and go searching for her; establishing the first one to defeat her will be the temporary leader, during Chrollo Lucilfer's absence. Enraged by the Phantom Troupe's actions, she fights against Feitan, who immediately provokes her saying that he doesn't believe that she is the queen and that she must be joking.[7] The two then fight and it seems that they are evenly matched[8], then with a surprise attack Feitan tries to kill her with a fatal hit in the head, but Zazan shows only a little cut on her face, leaving Feitan surprised by her hardened skin.[9]
Zazan burnt

Zazan's death

Zazan then goes berserk and uses her last resort. She removes her tail and transforms herself into a hideous monster with even greater strength and super-hardened skin.[10] In her ultimate form, she is able to overpower Feitan and severely damage his left arm. This angers Feitan into using his Nen ability, Pain Packer, and despite Zazan's thick skin, he ends up incinerating her with his Rising Sun attack.

Abilities & Powers

Zazan, like all Chimera Ants, is stronger than normal humans, and shows considerable fighting skills, being able to fight on the same level as Feitan and even out power him for most of the fight[11], although she eventually lost. She is arguably the most powerful Chimera Ant outside the Royal Family. Her great leading skills, combined with her might and stinger, allowed her to build a small kingdom.

Zazan mastered Nen soon after her birth, to the point she could clash with a member of the Phantom Troupe.[12] Sooner in the series, she managed to ambush and poison Pokkle, a skilled Hunter who is adept at stealth. It is unclear whether she was employing Zetsu at the time.


Zazan transmutes her aura into special toxin which can transform humans and uses manipulation which makes them loyal to her.

Zazan's Nen Abilities
Type: Transmutation Queen Shot (審美的転生注射 (クィーンショット) Sexy Stinger Of Rebirth)
Queen Shot Zazan's stinger contains a special toxin that she can use to transform her human victims into grotesque animal forms that are completely loyal to her.[13]
Type: Transmutation Monster Queen Form
Monster Queen Form-1 This technique is Zazan's last resort. Zazan removes her stinger and transform herself in a grotesque crocodile-like monster with an impressive strength and a very hard skin[14] and able to throw large amount of aura like emitters.


  • Zazan resembles Zarbon from Dragon Ball. They share an obsession with outward appearances, preferring a beautiful appearance over a stronger form. After shedding their respective shells, they both become significantly more muscular, but also more hideous, with reptile-like qualities. In exchange, their power increases drastically.
  • Zazan dons a Chanel skirt in order to conceal her metasoma from view.


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