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Shoichiro Akaboshi (1999)
Yutaka Nakano (2011)

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Sam Mann (2011)

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Chapter 39

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Episode 32 (1999)
Episode 22 (2011)


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Black (1999)
Grey (2011)


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Zebro (ゼブロ, Zeburo) is one of two groundskeepers at the Zoldyck Family's estate on Kukuroo Mountain. Although he acts as a gatekeeper of the Testing Gate at first glance, he is in fact just a janitor that cleans up after Mike has finished disposing of intruders.[1]


Zebro Design

Zebro's 2011 series design.

Zebro is a middle-aged man with a balding head that appears to be a simple old security guard, but is in actuality heavily muscled and capable of opening the first door of the Testing Gate (4 tonnes).[1]


Zebro is an accommodating person that indulges Gon and his friend's request to give them a chance to see his employer's son, despite not being obligated to do so.[2]


Zoldyck Family arcEdit

Zebro, minding his own business in his booth, is confronted by two men who assault Zebro and demand he hand over the key that opens the door into the estate. He begs them for mercy, but when one of the men finds the key inside they leave him alone, and they enter the estate. Gon checks up on Zebro to see if he's alright and claims that he is, but worries for Mike's diet. At that moment the door to the estate opens up and a claw drops off two skeletal remains of the couple of men outside the door. Seeing this scares off the tourists, but not Gon, who claims wants to stay behind baffling everyone.[1]

Later in Zebro's booth, he serves Gon and company tea and while elated to hear they're Killua's friends, but confesses that he can't let them enter the estate to try and see Killua. He warns the group that if they were to try and enter the estate, they'd be killed and eaten by Mike, the family's guard dog. Kurapika then inquires why would Zebro have the only key to the estate. Zebro answers that he doesn't need to use the key to enter and that the key itself is for intruders. Because the constant nuisances of intruders trying to enter the estate by trying to destroy the door, a side-door was created with a lock that needed a key to go through it. So when intruders come along they can "steal" the key to the door and enter through it with no problem and then Zebro cleans up the mess afterwards. Zebro confesses that he really isn't an apathetic guardian, but a janitor of Mike's messes that he leaves outside the fake door. Kurapika deduces that the real door has no lock or key and Zebro confirms it. To confirm it Leorio tries to open the door himself, but fails.[1]

Zebro attempts to open the Testing Gate

Zebro attempting to open the Testing Gate

Zebro details that Leorio is far too weak to open the door, much to Leorio's chagrin. Taking off his jacket, Zebro explains that normal people cannot enter and after focusing his energy he manages to quickly open the door, which immediately shuts after opening. While putting back on his jacket he explains to the group that the door immediately closes after it's open and confesses that it becomes harder and harder to open as the years go by and he'll be fired if he's unable to open the door anymore. Zebro goes onto explain that each side to the first door weights 2 ton each and after Leorio inquires about what he meant about the first set of doors, Zebro details that they're 7 sets of doors and that each set of door's weight double's the amount of the previous set. Lighting himself a cigarette Zebro admits that when Killua returned from the Hunter Exam he managed to open it up to level 3 and then asks if Gon understands the circumstances of why he can't see Killua, but Gon refuses to listen to reason and demands the key inside the estate claiming he'd rather become an intruder to see Killua again.[1]

Gon then demands the key from Zebro or he'll scale the wall and enter as an intruder even after Leorio tries to reason with him. Reluctantly, Zebro agrees with Gon that he can enter as an intruder, but insists it'd be suicide if he entered the estate as an intruder did. Kurapika agrees with Zebro, but Gon still insisted on receiving the key into the estate. Seeing is how Gon couldn't be reasoned with, Zebro admits he won't give the key to Gon, because he wouldn't want Killua's friends to die by Mike and so he goes back into his booth and contacts someone from the estate. The moment Zebro mentions Killua's friends have arrived, he's scolded by the person on the other line, apologizes, and hangs up. Unsurprised by the outcome of the phone call; Gon contacts the estate that leads up to Gon losing his temper over the phone and then tries to scale the wall with his fishing rod. Left with no other alternatives, Zebro agrees to allow Gon and group to enter the estate, but since if they go through the intruder door they'll most likely be killed, so they enter through the Testing Gate.[2]

Gon, Kurapika, Leorio along with Zebro meets Mike

Mike appears in front of Zebro and Gon and group

On the Zoldyck Estate grounds, Zebro calls out for Mike and soon he appears in front of the group, making Gon terror stricken. Zebro then explains that Mike is unlike other animals, but more like a machine and is currently analyzing Gon. Seeing noway to tame Mike, Gon concedes and so the group are lead to Zebro's home where they are greeted by Zebro's co-worker Seaquant and he leaves to take over Zebro, after telling the group to make themselves at home. Zebro then asks Gon to try and open one of the doors to his house, but fails. Zebro then details that each door to the house weight 200kgs and a person must be quite fit to enter. Within the house Zebro details that they may use the slippers there which weigh 20kgs each later offers the group some tea, to which without the liquid the cups also weigh 20kgs. Sitting at the living room table, Zebro inquires if the group came with a tourist visa and Kurapika confirms it. Sipping his tea, Zebro figures they'll be able to stay for more than month, so he offers to train the group in the meantime, so they'll be able to open the door to the estate.[2]

Zebro though offers to go with them to the estate, but even that won't satisfy his superiors. He also claims that it's not against the rules to let the three of them together to open up the door. The group however confident that they can open the door, accept Zebro's proposal. Pleased by this, Zebro informs the group for now on they'll have to wear a 50kg vest and when they get used to it he'll increase their weight to them. Zebro also compliments Leorio and figures in less than a month he'll be able to open the door by himself. Though 2 weeks pass by and Leorio amazes Zebro by being able to open the door himself. Impressed Zebro thinks to himself that maybe they'll be able to reach the Zoldyck Estate.[2]

On the day the group leaves for the Zoldyck Estate, they graciously thank Zebro for all he's done and leave waving goodbye to them. With the group out of sight, Seaquant believes the group will become great Pro-Hunters. Zebro confesses that he hopes they'll reach the estate, but Seaquant claims he's being too optimistic and reminds him of the incident 3 years ago, when 100 Blacklist Hunters tried to enter the estate, but were decimated by a 10 year old butler in training girl. Zebro remembers the incident well and remembers that one of the Hunters who was hired right after it. Seaquant confesses that the entire Zoldyck Family and the employees are monsters.[3]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After the Second Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Zebro contacts Seaquant, who is surprised that Killua already returned home. Seaquant admits he was worried too, because Killua was on the abstainee list and is then left speechless to hear that Killua has managed to open the Testing Gate to level 5. Using a 20kg phone Zebro expressed his concern for Killua's well being for when he returned he didn't acknowledge him and had a blank look on his face. He then requests that Seaquant tell Gon to help Killua again, but reluctantly Seaquant informs Zebro of Gon's current condition, which makes him grow anxious and worried for Gon.[4] Later after Killua leaves the Zoldyck Estate with his little sister Alluka; Zebro oversees Killua contact Morel Mackernasey with Alluka by his side.[5]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Zebro is much stronger than the average person. However, he does not fight trespasser, but puts on an act and lets Mike devour them. He can open the first door of the Testing Gate, albeit with difficulty and using Nen. To keep himself under constant training, his household objects are incredibly heavy: his slippers and his phone, for example, weigh 20kg each. His strength is waning due to old age, and he is afraid that soon he will no longer be able to open the gate.

Nen Edit

When opening the first door of the gate, he appeared to have used aura, suggesting he can use Enhancement.



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