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Hisashi Izumi (1999)
Naoki Tatsuta (2011)

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Hank Ketchum (2011)

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Chapter 95

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Episode 60 (1999)
Episode 51 (2011)


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Zenji (ゼンジ, Zenji) is a powerful mobster under the Ten Dons.


Zenji is a bald stocky man with a mustache and soul patch. He is usually seen wearing a black suit with a red shirt and yellow tie. He also wears a small pair of sunglasses
Zenji 2011 Design

Zenji 2011 Design


Zenji is a self-important individual who despises Light Nostrade for his quick rise through the ranks of the mob and the unconventional way he did so, which Light interprets as envy. He becomes irritated very easily, and did not hesitate to punch Light in front of multiple witnesses and to yell at Kurapika while the latter was pointing a knife at his throat.[1] He is also vindictive, which he showed by outbidding Kurapika and later attempting to kill him, although Kurapika's Ren made him desist.[2]


Yorknew City arcEdit

He is jealous of Light Nostrade's quick rise through the ranks and very hostile towards him, going as far as punching Light in the face when the latter snubs him in front of other Mafia members in a gathering of the Mafia and some hired assassins in the Cemetery Building on September 3rd.[1]

When the troupe is pronounced dead, Zenji taunts Kurapika, only for the latter to casually break his nose.[3] Later on the same night, when Kurapika follows Light's order to bid for a pair of Scarlet Eyes for his daughter Neon in the Mafia's rescheduled Underground Auction, Zenji keeps raising the bid in order to sabotage his plan. Kurapika still ends up winning the bid but it costs 2.9 billion Jenny, much more than Light expected. Angered, Zenji finds Kurapika outside the building and threatens to kill him with a gun. However, Kurapika, who is in a state of agitation as a result of seeing the stolen eyes of his people, activates his scarlet eyes and paralyzes Zenji for a moment with just a few threatening words.[2]


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